Monday, May 20, 2013

Squadron Meeting: 23 May 2013 - Subordinate Unit Inspection

The IG will be at our meeting this Thursday and we will undergo the biennial Subordinate Unit Inspection (SUI). A month of prep and rehearsal should stand us in good stead. Please be sure to arrive in uniform and presentable. Gray slacks and polo shirt are certainly authorized if you do not have USAF blues (class B please) or a pilot shirt and grey slacks combination. As a last resort you may wear your flight suit or BDUs.

For those meeting with the IG team from the various staff positions, I will be bringing your inspection materials to include the specific tab for your position as well as most of the additional documents you need. If we have not communicated about a document then PLEASE BRING TWO COPIES of what you intend to use in your presentation - one for your folder and one for the main inspection document.

See you there Thursday NLT 1930L.

W. H. Phinizy, MAJ, CAP
Long Beach Senior Squadron 150