Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Tribute to Women Airforce Service Pilots

WHEN: Saturday, February 8, 2014 10 AM to 1 PM
19300 Ike Jones Road, Santa Ana, CA 92707
PHONE: 714-210-4585
Lyon Air Museum, a premier Southern California showcase for vintage historic military aircraft and vehicles, will conduct a symposium and book signing paying tribute to the more than 1,000 women who served as Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) during World War II. LAM Docent and acclaimed author, Nancy Robison, will be on hand to sign copies of her latest book, “We Love to Fly,” about the brave and amazing WASPs who flew in support of the war effort.

“The WASPs courageous service to our country was essential to the war effort, enabling their male counterparts to be deployed en masse to combat zones around the world,” said Robison. ”They completed the same rigorous flight training syllabus, and by war’s end had flown 78 different kinds of aircraft, logging more than 60 million miles of flying while test piloting and delivering planes throughout the United States.”

In spite of this, they were not considered as military personnel at the time, and their service did not receive adequate recognition, nor military benefits, in the years following the war. It wasn’t until 1977 they were granted veterans’ status and the official acknowledgment they so deserved. As part of the program, World War II veteran WASPs will be on hand to tell their incredible stories, including 95 year old Beverly Beesemyer, who served while flying B-26 bombers stateside, towing targets for live ammunition practice.

At the conclusion of the talk, an AT-6 Texan advanced trainer of World War II, the same type of aircraft often piloted by WASPs, is scheduled to take to the skies for a quick demonstration flight. “What a ship,” remarked Beesemyer after her first AT-6 training flight in 1944. “What procedure, what confusion!” she continued. And what a ship it was. The North American AT-6 Texan was a sophisticated single-engine aircraft used to train pilots of the US Air Forces, US Navy, Royal Air Force and other air forces of the British Commonwealth during WWII and into the 1950s. Powered by a 600 horsepower engine, and quite challenging to maneuver during takeoffs and landings, the complex “Texan” was designed to teach the Allied flyers all they would need to know before flying high performance aircraft in combat. LAM’s AT-6 es as a tribute to millions of men and women who served during World War II, and pays homage to the dedication, sacrifice and contributions of those like the WASPs who helped pioneer the skies.

Admission rates:
General admission–$12; Seniors and Veterans–$9; Ages 5-17–$6; Under age 5—Free.
Groups of 10 or more–$1 off each visitor. Pre-arranged school groups—Free.
In addition to Bev Beesemyer, Dawn Seymour, WASP, class 43-5 will also be at the Lyon Museum.

Courtesy of:
Linda Abrams, 2LT, CAP
Aerospace Education Officer

Friday, January 24, 2014

Promotions and Awards Ceremony

Civil Air Patrol Planned Giving

Make a Lasting Commitment to Service

The Civil Air Patrol was first created as a way for citizens to server their communities, and this mission remains strong today.  You can ensure the future of CAP through a gift in yur will or living trust.  A special type of gift, called planned gift, allow you to provide future for your loved ones and CAP

Gift planning is finding ways to make charitable gifts now or after your lifetime while enjoying financial benefits for yourself. 

Planned gifts are sometimes referred to as "stop-and-think" gifts because they require some planning and often help from your professional advisors.  Unlike cash donations, they are typically made from assets in your estate rather than disposable income, and come to fruition upon your death.

Most Common Gift Giving is a bequest in your will or living trust.  Other planned gifts include: 

CAP CPR/First Aid/AED Training 15 Feb 2014



Group 7/Squadron 150/Squadron 153 Headquarters
3976 Constitution Ave.
Los Alamitos, CA 90270

15 Feb 2014

0800 hrs (8:00 am) Start Time
6-8 Hours Training Duration

$5.00 Cash Only on Day of Training
BDU, Blue Field Uniform, or Polo Shirt Combo are recommended and preferred.
Appropriate civilian attire also allowed.

Safety Currency:
Participants must have current safety training through the end of February 2014
Sign Up:
To reserve your spot for this training (or if you have any questions) simply respond to this e-mail (
There are only 30 spots available and I expect them to be filled quickly so don't delay!

Sponsored by:
Long Beach Senior Squadron 150
Medical Services

Monday, January 20, 2014

Space Tech Conference - Long Beach April 1-3

Conference Program
At a Glance Agenda
Speaker Interviews Registration

Space Tech Conference 2014 - Program Announced!

We are pleased to announce an expert faculty of speakers from across the commercial, government and DoD space sectors for the Space Tech Conference 2014! The action-packed Space Tech Conference program (Long Beach California) will see some of the world's leading pioneers in the space industry sharing critical insights into delivering successful space missions.

With a 3-day program offering unrivalled experience-based learning, the Space Tech Conference will help you partner and collaborate more effectively, improve procurement processes, increase efficiency, and leverage the latest technologies to help improve capabilities and lower cost.

Commercial Space Market

Speakers Include:
Debra Facktor Lepore, Vice President and General Manager, Strategic Operations, Ball Aerospace George Zamka, Deputy Associate Administrator, Commercial Space Transportation, FAA Phil McAlister, Director, Commercial Spaceflight, NASA Dan Collins, COO, United Launch Alliance


Military Space

Speakers Include:
Jim Simpson, President, Boeing Satellite Systems International Mark Calassa, Vice President - Protected Communications, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Col. Scott Beidleman, Director, Development Planning, SMC (US Air Force) Austin Mroczek, Assistant PEO for S&T PEO Space Systems, SPAWAR (US Navy)


Game-changing Technologies

Speakers Include:
Tom Kessler, Program Manager, Boeing Phantom Works Dr. David Korsmeyer, Director of Engineering, NASA Ames Chris Hoeber, Senior Vice President of Systems Engineering, SSL Marc Benhamou, Satellite Product Lines Manager, Thales Alenia Space




*Email with your crededtials
+1 855 436 8683

Friday, January 17, 2014

TSA to begin inspecting airliner repair shops

The Transportation Security Administration is gearing up to begin inspecting airplane shops all over the world, an effort aimed at stopping potential sabotage and theft of U.S. planes. The new rules announced Friday will put TSA in the business of inspecting airport-based repair stations, finally satisfying a mandate that Congress first issued 10 years ago because of fears that terrorists could steal an unattended plane or sabotage one while it is being repaired...
For more information click Here

Lloyd Bumanglag Capt, CAP
Public Affairs Officer (PAO)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A2A Cessna 172 with Accu-Sim

For those interested in flight simulators, check out Just Flight for the the A2A Cessna simulator. Click on the link below

This blog page is for informational purposes only and not intended as an endorsement of any JustFlight products.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Group 7 Meeting to be held at Squadron 150 Meeting

Kinda sounds weird but it all makes sense once you figure it out. Here are the upcoming events for the squadron:

On Thursday January 16 at 1800 hrs, the Commander will hold the Quarterly Planning Meeting at the CAP Los Alamitos Facility.

On Thursday January 16 at 1930 hrs, CAP Tom Barbre will present the Squadron 41 Glider Program. Come and learn more of the Glider Program.

On Thursday January 23 at 1830 hrs, Group 7 Meeting will be held at the CAP Los Alamitos Facility. It is part of new Group 7 commander, Lt Col Calderone's program to make group meetings more open and conveniently attended by squadron members. Lt Col Calderone will hold such meetings on a quarterly basis at the various units within the group during one of their regularly scheduled meeting. He has honored Squadron 150 with the privilege of holding the first of these meetings. This would be a great opportunity for those who wish to experience Group decision and activities planning for 2014. This meeting is open to anyone in the Group that would like to attend and the tentative agenda is:
  • Safety Briefing
  • Introductions
  • Los Alamitos Facility Status
  • Finance
  • Cadet Programs/Scheduled Events this year
  • ES/DP Scheduled Events this year
  • PA Status for Group 7 and Squadrons.
  • Compliance and Reporting
  • WAMO Duty Schedule
  • Awards and Promotions
  • Around the Room

Lloyd Bumanglag, Capt, CAP
Public Affairs Officer (PAO)

Monday, January 13, 2014


Photo: For the first time in CAP's 72-year history, the organization’s CEO, the national commander of CAP, will be selected by the group’s Board of Governors. Applications for the position will be accepted until Febuary 21st. Previously, commanders were elected by a majority vote of the organization’s 52 wing commanders. CAP’s CEO will be appointed by the BoG to a three-year term, which may be extended. The new selection process became official in October 2012 when the BoG approved an updated Constitution and Bylaws incorporating the organization’s new governance structure. HEADQUARTERS -- For the first time in CAP's 72-year history, the organization’s CEO, the national commander of CAP, will be selected by the group’s Board of Governors. Applications for the position will be accepted until Feb. 21. Previously, commanders were elected by a majority vote of the organization’s 52 wing commanders. CAP’s CEO will be appointed by the BoG to a three-year term, which may be extended. The new selection process became official in October 2012 when the BoG approved an updated Constitution and Bylaws incorporating the organization’s new governance structure

Lloyd Bumanglag, Capt, CAP
Public Affairs Officer (PAO)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Michael Wetsman - Awarded CAP Level 1 Training

On Thursday January 9, 2014, Michael Wetsman, a commercial airline pilot was presented with an award for the completion of his initial CAP Level I Orientation training as a new Unit Member in the Long Beach Senior Squadron 150 based at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base (JFTB). Presenting the award is Captain Jerry Civalleri, who is the squadron Professional Development Officer (PD), responsible for assisting new and existing unit members to receive their initial training and ongoing professional advancement.

Captain Jerry Civalleri presenting award to Senior Member Michael Wetsman

Lloyd Bumanglag, Capt, CAP
Public Affairs Officer (PAO)

Monday, January 06, 2014

Safety Meetings..

..are an integral part of our activities at Squadron 150. A recent training film presentation, for example:

..y'all fly safe now, ya heah?
W. H. Phinizy, MAJ, CAP
Squadron Commander

A Decade of Exploration

The Von Karman Lecture Series kicks off with the Mars Rovers: A Decade of Exploration, on January 16 and 17 at the JPL and PCC. The presentations are also webcast.

Jim McCurry will discuss NASA’s Mercury Missions at the Western Museum of Flight at Zamperini Field (KTOA) on January 18,2014, 11:00am, as part of the Museum’s 2014 Celebrity Lecture Series. Background documentation can be found by clicking this link.

Mr. McCurry was a member of the TRW Mercury Atlas Booster Program office as a systems engineer in the early 60s.  On Mercury, he participated in the booster acceptance and launch of all the Mercury Atlas flights at Cape Canaveral, including the historic flight of John Glenn. Read about his distinguished accomplishments,

Courtesy of:
Linda Abrams, 2LT, CAP
Aerospace Education Officer
Squadron 150

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Let's crank this mission up..

2014 starts in earnest this Thursday with a safety presentation from our newly-minted Safety Officer, CAPT Michael Cardenas. Captain Mike will present "UPS 6 - Uncontained Cargo Fire Leading to Loss of Control" and, as a public service, we are offering this warm-up piece for your perusal. Pay attention, because there will be a quiz.

See you Thursday; smoke 'em if you got 'em.

W. H. Phinizy, MAJ, CAP
Squadron Commander