Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

As the members of our squadron take time out today to be with friends, family and loved ones, we would want to thank all of you, our friends, for your support this past year. We are truly thankful for your support of Squadron 150 and of Civil Air Patrol. Whether you supported us financially, gave us a kind word, referred potential members, sponsored a wreath, shared a social media post, and/or visited a squadron meeting, we really do appreciate your friendship!

To our members-thank you for your service to our communities, our squadron and Civil Air Patrol!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

California Wing Highlights (From CAP 75th Anniversary Site)

California CAP performs diverse missions for America
(In honor of Civil Air Patrol's 75th Anniversary we are sharing some "highlights" of California Wing's accomplishments mentioned on
California Wing members have responded to earthquakes in Tehachapi, the Bay Area and Northridge. They often respond within the hour, providing emergency airlift, damage assessment, radio communications and supply delivery. In 1994 following the Northridge earthquake, with 61 people killed, California and 11 other CAP wings furnished hundreds of volunteers to aid the state. The wing received a Unit Citation Award as a result of the 55-day operation. It received a third citation reward for it 2007 for aiding the Nevada Wing in its search for adventurer Steve Fossett.

In early 1996 and 1997, flood conditions caused by rain, winter storms and warm temperatures repeatedly brought the wing into action in northern and central California. Members worked with Air Force counterparts, delivering sleeping bags, manning command posts and filling thousands of sandbags to protect vital buildings.
The California Wing provided communications assistance during the Los Angeles riots in 1992 and also transported equipment in the wake of the 1993 wildfires in the southern part of the state, where flames consumed more than 1,000 homes in a six-county area. In 2008, another series of blazes burned 500,000 acres in a similar number of counties in the southern part of the state, resulting in the loss of 10 lives and 2,000 homes. The wing conducted reconnaissance flights and helped staff emergency operation centers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Honor a Fallen Veteran this Holiday Season!

Squadron 150 is participating in Wreaths Across America this year. Wreaths Across America is a nationwide service project to honor fallen veterans by placing wreaths on their graves in cemeteries all across the nation. There are over 1,000 participating locations this year and Squadron 150 has chosen to support and participate at Pacific View Memorial Park in Corona Del Mar.

This year it's particularly meaningful for our unit because one of our squadron members has a loved one, who was a veteran, laying at rest in Pacific View. As a squadron we look forward to honoring and remembering this veteran along with the close to 8,000 other veterans at rest in Pacific View.

We need your help to ensure that there are enough wreaths for every veteran's grave! We invite you to sponsor a wreath for $15.00 (or more if you like!) by clicking on the link below:

Your generous contribution will honor the memory of a veteran and also provide financial support for our squadron. And, if you would like to assist us and other community groups by placing wreaths on veteran's graves, please let us know, or sign up on the Wreaths Across America site to volunteer.

Thank you for helping Civil Air Patrol and Squadron 150 honor our veterans this Holiday season!

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Sharing Another CAP Historical Video

As you may know Civil Air Patrol celebrates our 75th anniversary on 01 December, 2016. In honor of our 75th anniversary we have been sharing historical videos and photos from the CAP archives with you. CAP has an interesting, rich and varied history and we're excited to share these with you!

For more information about CAP's 75th anniversary visit

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Wings, Wheels and Rotors 2016

Members of Squadron 150 represented our squadron well at this year's Wings, Wheels and Rotors held at Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base (JFTB) on 23 October, 2016. Wings, Wheels and Rotors is an annual event presented by the Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce which showcases a variety of current and classic aircraft, classic cars and this year we had a special guest the USAF Thunderbirds who were in town to perform for the Huntington Beach Airshow.

Squadron 150's tent on the flightline

Squadron Commander Capt David Powell, CAP with members of Squadron 150

SM Tamara Clark spending time with the cadets of Squadron 153

CAP members from throughout the area were instrumental in the success of Wings, Wheels and Rotors and we would be remiss if we didn't mention their contributions and thank them for making WWE2016 a success. CAP members helped direct traffic, kept the public a safe distance from where the Thunderbirds were parked, while also taking the time to engage the public and answer questions the public might have had about the Thunderbirds, CAP and even where the nearest restroom facilities were!

We're looking forward to being a part of Wings, Wheels and Rotors again next year. And stay tuned for future blog posts with video from the USAF Thunderbirds taking off from Los Alamitos JFTB!