Friday, November 15, 2013

SAREX/DREX Training Exercise December 7-8 2013

SAREX/DREX to be held Saturday and Sunday, 7-8 December 2013.

Saturday's session will be held at Group 7 headquarters aboard Los Alamitos JFTB. The session commences at 0800 and involves aerial photo (AP) training, Crew Assignments, Sortie Planning, communications preparation and generally getting everything prepared for Sunday.

On Sunday, 8 December, first sortie flight Crews at assigned planes ready for remote launch. Base Staff and other Flight Crews at Fullerton Base.

All members will need: CAP ID, 101 Card, Current Safety, and be Trainee or Standard (on 101 cards) for the position they are going to train in.

Saturday’s and Sunday’s uniforms:

Base Staff and Instructors – Blue Polo and Gray Slacks or Corporate. (BDUs acceptable for comm crew and cadets.)

Flight Crews- Flight suits and all gear ready for inspection so that we know all will be prepared for Sunday. MP will be working with all the new members to insure all are ready for Sundays Sorties.

Cost of $15.00 will cover supplies, coffee, donuts, water for both days and lunch for Sunday. (Saturday lunch on your own.)

All will have to participate on both days

Group 7 headquarters is located at 3976 Constitution Ave Los Alamitos CA 90270

Fullerton Base at KFUL at the AFI hangar at 4119 W. Commonwealth Ave Fullerton CA. 92833

Because of the very small size of this exercise, we will only have room for a few. All interested members need to fill out the provided registration form and return it to the project officer, 2lt Jim Grubb at

The form is not an ENTERABLE .pdf reg document -- sorry for the inconvenience. To get the information to the project officer, do the following:

(1) Print the document
(2) Handwrite the appropriate data
(3) Scan it back in as a .pdf file
(4) e-mail it to Jim

If you do not have a printer or scanner, then send an e-mail with the following information to Jim. It is suggested that you "screen scrape the block below and paste it into your e-mail.

CAP ID____________
Rank _________
Phone #_________________
E-Mail Address ________________________
Mission Ready Weight_______
Total weight _______
(including equipment needed for the position in the airplane. (Head set, Knee board, Camera, I-Pad, etc.)
Baggage weight _______
(Extra items in baggage compartment.(Jacket, Survival gear, etc.)

CURRENT ES QUALIFICATIONS: (check all that apply)

Flight Crew
MS: Trainee___ Standard___ Evaluator___
MO: Trainee___ Standard___ Evaluator___
AP: Trainee___ Standard___ Evaluator___
MP: Trainee___ Standard___ Evaluator___

Base Staff
MRO: Trainee___ Standard___ Evaluator___
MSA: Trainee___ Standard___ Evaluator___
CUL: Trainee___ Standard___ Evaluator___
AOBD: Trainee___ Standard___ Evaluator___

1st Choice__________________
2nd Choice__________________
3rd Choice__________________