Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Congratulations Second Lieutenant Sochirca!

Long Beach Senior Squadron 150 announced the promotion of SM Mihai Sochirca to the grade of second lieutenant in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), United States Air Force Auxiliary during a meeting on 6 December, 2018. 2nd Lieutenant Sochirca has been a member of CAP since February 2018. He currently serves as an assistant safety officer, assistant aerospace education officer and is a mission scanner trainee.

(L to R) Squadron 150 Deputy Commander 1st Lt. Rommel Anacan, 2nd Lt. Mihai Sochirca, Squadron 150 Commander Maj. David Powell (Civil Air Patrol photo by SM Donna Babi)
Squadron 150 deputy commander 1st Lt. Rommel Anacan said, "2nd Lieutenant Sochirca has been a valued member of Squadron 150 since joining CAP. His knowledge and expertise has boosted our safety department's efforts; his emergency preparedness initiative has not only encouraged all squadron members to prepare now in the event of an emergency, but he has also made it very simple for members to know how to procure the needed items. We are highly appreciative of his efforts."

 2nd Lt. Mihai Sochirca (L) receiving his certificate of promotion from Squadron 150 Commander Maj. David Powell (Civil Air Patrol photo by SM Donna Babi)

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Garmin VIRB Discussion During Our Next Meeting (10 January, 2019)

Join us this Thursday 10 January, 2019 for our next Squadron 150 meeting. The topic will be on the Garmin VIRB camera system that is used by Civil Air Patrol (CAP) for airborne photography missions. During the wildfires in Fall of 2017 in California CAP was tasked by FEMA with taking pictures of the affected areas. Civil Air Patrol aircrews flew about 140 flights taking roughly 6,000 photos with the wing-mounted VIRB cameras. We will also be discussing Garmin Drones and North American Aviation, time-permitting.

Garmin ViRB camera used for Civil Air Patrol (CAP) airborne photography missions mounted on wing of CAP aircraft
(Civil Air Patrol photo by 1st Lt. Rommel Anacan)
If you are visiting for the first time, we recommend that you plan on arriving by 7:15pm so that we have some time to welcome you before the meeting begins. Please also plan on staying a few minutes after the meeting so that we can make sure to answer any questions you might have about serving in CAP.

Be advised that Los Alamitos JFTB is an active military installation and you will need to show proper picture ID to the guards at the front gate. Let them know that you are visiting the base for the purpose of attending the Civil Air Patrol meeting.

Please be aware that your vehicle may be subject to search; the speed limit while driving on base is 25 MPH and it is strictly enforced by Federal law. Please note that cell phones may be operated while driving aboard the base only if a hands-free device is employed.

Friday, January 04, 2019

CAP's Lester Wolff Celebrates 100th Birthday

This was originally published on www.CAP.news
4 January, 2018
Civil Air Patrol Col. Lester L. Wolff, U.S. representative from New York from 1965-1981, turns 100 years old today.
Four years ago, Wolff (second from left in the graphic photo below) was selected to receive the Congressional Gold Medal on behalf of CAP members -- like him -- who served on the home front during World War II. In addition to his service during the war, Wolff made many contributions to CAP in his lifetime, including legislation that led to full congressional funding for the organization. 
CAP National Headquarters joins with members of the Congressional Squadron (which he co-founded), as well as Wolff’s former constituents in New York, in thanking him for his service and wishing him a happy 100th birthday.