Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Last Group 7 SAREX in San Diego County (?)

The details for the upcoming Group 7 SAREX, organized by Sq 57, at Gillespie Field are shown below. Requirements are emphasized in bold.  The next several Sq 150 meetings will concentrate on those with standard ratings assisting current and potential trainees to achieve formal trainee status and complete as many advanced tasks as feasible prior to this and other training opportunities as may arise.  Note registration priority is given to Group 7 until 15 Jun.  Due to the distance, carpooling is encouraged.
Group Seven is conducting a SAREX hosted by Squadron 57 on the weekend of 26-28 July 2013. Friday (26th) is primarily UDF training. The SAREX focus is initial and recurrent qualification training of base staff, aircrews, ground teams and UDF teams. Mission base is Gillespie Field (KSEE). Initial participants will be selected from Group Seven until 15 Jun and then opened to all CAWG thereafter.

All participants must have at least SQTR training status when applying. Participation cost is $20. CAP uniform and standards shall be adhered. Please reply to the Major David Wallace, Project Officer at

If interested, please respond with the following:
  • Name,
  • CAP ID,
  • Squadron,
  • phone number
  • Training needed (MO, MS, AOBD, UDF, etc.)
  • Number of sorties needed to complete your SQTR
For aircrew:
  • Weight including baggage
  • Any specific training needed
  • Days able to participate (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
David Martin, 1st Lt, CAP
Sq 150 Training Officer