Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Squadron Meeting: 9 May 2013 - Skill Evaluator Workshops

As most of you know, CAP National and Wing are taking steps to eliminate the "pencil-whipping" of ES validation by imposing restrictions and augmenting oversight on the Skills Evaluator role for approval of our initial operations qualifications and subsequent renewal thereof.

There have been many announcements and publications dealing with this including the CAWG OPM 8 "Guidelines For Issuing Evaluator Appointments" (sent to unit members). It is recommended that this missive be read and digested. It outlines what CAP and CAWG are trying to accomplish but, alas, leaves many questions unanswered.

The main focus of our training is to develop our ES skills and -- with the supposed "Funding Money Bomb Drop" being imminent -- we will be faced with a flurry of Group 7 SAREXes and flying clinics. It is incumbent on EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US to be prepared for our training and to know who may or may not sign us off on SQTR tasks or missions.

While not likely, you might waltz up to someone who you think can sign off an SQTR task and get his John Hancock only to find he is not qualified/current as a Skill Evaluator. (I am, by the way, a classic example of this. While being a CUL, I have not as yet received the necessary sprinkling of holy water from the powers that be to say U can sign off MRO or CUL tasks missions. It's coming; just not here yet.

To that end, CAPT John Hill, 1LT Dave Martin, and 2LT Jim Grubb (and other members of the SQ 150 staff) will be conducting a series of active working sessions to wrest you all from the maelstrom of unqualified confusion and lift you up to the sunny slopes of ES Nirvana. It is important to emphasize that this will not be a dreary series of PowerPoint slides nor the incessant droning of some authority on the matter. It will be a cage match free-for-all wherein each and every one you you wrings out the last ounce of qualification that you possess.

Also, these work session meetings will continue until (1) we completely understand the new SE process and (2) everyone is prepped for the upcoming Summer training.

Pursuant to that, you all are directed to bring your CURRENT 101 card and ALL SQTRs to these meeting so we can accomplish the above-enunciated goals.

"What about the SUI?" you ask. Well, I shall be cutting folks out of the herd during this Thursday's meeting (16 May 2013) and next Thursday's meeting (16 May 2013) to review the SUI tab they are responsible for. If we play this right, we should be ready for the inspectors on 23 MAY.

Finally, it is imperative that you plan on attending these meetings. If you need to take a sabbatical, then please do so AFTER you have gotten yourself squared away.

See you this Thursday,


W. H. Phinizy, MAJ, CAP
Long Beach Senior Squadron 150