Sunday, January 20, 2013

Got it wired..

We close in on or objective: networked computer internet access for Squadron 150. Thanks to the leadership of 2LT Lance Boland and the assistance of 1LT Kevin "The X. O." King, CAPT John "Encyclopedia" Frerichs, Brevet-CAPT Bodo Rau,  CAPT John "Hoser" Kokonas, the comm room and the workstations are wired for sound!

The . O. and 2LT Lance "The Corporal" Boland in an active frenzy.

Lance and The X. O. in still more active frenzies.

CAPT Frerichs examines the results of all this active frenzy-ing..

I'm in Operatons ! You actually expect moi to sting this CAT-5?

The rack.The comfy chair  has been removed during construction work

As the sun sank slowly in the West, our heroes repaired to the ready room smug in the knowledge that only a handful of RJ-45 Keystone jacks, a cradle-point, and some minor sweat  stood between them and internet access to the squadrons four work stations.

Stay tuned for more on these exciting developments

W. H. Phinizy, MAJ, CAP
Squadron Commander
Squadron 150