Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Squadron Meeting, 24 JAN 2013

The agenda for the 24 JAN squadron meeting is provided below, and will take place regardless of the weather (if the termites conga line breaks, we will replan accordingly).

Meeting objective
  1. Increase proficiency of aircrew in mission planning
  2. Develop awareness of what is necessary for a crew ot obtain a flight release
  3. Share what you know and learn what others can share
Things to bring
For aircrew and aircrew trainees:
  1. Flight suit, boots, cover and gloves – if planning to be aircrew at the 26-27 Jan SAREX, appropriate uniform for other positions – need not be worn Thursday eve, but should be on hand
  2. Paper and pen/pencil – briefing notes and planning
  3. Gridded LAX sectional – assistance in gridding will be available, required for aircrew with MS and above, highly advised for MS* and suggested for others
  4. Go bag with items for planned ground position (all) and for use on mission – aircrew.  Bring what you have on hand, share notes and revise as you see fit.
  5. CAPR 60-1 – the aircraft is to have a current copy on board; all aircrew should have a personal copy
  1. Form groups – may be larger than flight crew, up to 4 or 5, distribute available
  2. MO and MP/FAA pilots
  3. Simulated (partial) mission briefing
  4. Mission planning – CAPF 104, 104a, ORM matrix
  5. Review
David Martin, 1LT, CAP
Squadron 150 DOSA