Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Squadron Meeting, 31 JAN 2013 - Deja Vu all over again!

"..so, where the hell are we anyway?"
If you liked the agenda for the 24 JAN squadron meeting, you will love the doings on the 31st. we will observe some long overdue formalities and then plunge right into a reprise of our training regimen of last week.To reiterate:

Things to bring
As part of the always continuing effort to increase the readiness to respond of Sq 150 members, the 31 Jan meeting will consist of two parts:

(1) A short briefing on coordinates and grids

(2) Gridding of LA sectionals.

For the gridding part, rated MS and above, bring your own gridded sectional (of course you have one, don’t you?) and assist those in the process of gridding a sectional. For MS trainees and all others, bring the following:
  • L. A. Sectional 
  • A pencil
  • An eraser  (one that won’t make your sectional look like the silverfish had a banquet like the one on the pencil will)
  • A Ruler or straightedge (12 inch one will do)
  • Ink pen of your choice (for lines and grid numbers, when certain the latter are correct)

All present are requested to come equipped, including those that may not be currently pursuing an air crew rating.

As resources allow, the after action review of last week’s mission planning exercise may continue.

UPDATE: A belated congratulations to our DO, former 1LT Bodo Rau on his promotion to Captain. Bodo worked hard for these bars and we thank him for his dedication and effort on behalf of the unit.

David Martin, 1LT, CAP
Squadron 150 DOSA