Monday, October 01, 2012

Squadron Meeting, 4 October 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen:

This coming Thursday we will have a safety presentation by SM Scott Neal on CPR. Scott is a certified EMT and will bring us up to speed on several CPR techniques. It is anticipated that SM Neal will build this presentation into a full-blown CPR program so that members of the squadron (and group) will be able to receive a qualified CPR certification if they need one.

Stay tuned.

I want to express my appreciation to the following members of our doughty little band who came to Ontario and made the 2012 CAWG Conference memorable:

CAPT Alexander Smith
CAPT John Hill
CAPT Dan Hoppy
1LT Jerry Civalleri
1LT Kevin King
SM Linda Abrams
1LT Dave Martin
SM Scott Neal
Airman Jim Grubb

Actually, that's a pretty impressive pilgrimage of membership and -- if you ask each of these folks -- you will find that they had a grand old time and are spoiling for more next year.

Care to join us? Guaranteed you will have a ball!

On the matter of the CAWG Conference, our beloved Group 7 did quite well, per Lt Col David Boehm's missive on the subject:
-------- Original Message --------
Subject: CAWG Conference Wrap Up
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 17:35:51 -0700
From: David Boehm
To: The Ganza Meshpoche

Group 7,

Congratulations to all the award winners from this year’s CAWG Conference in Ontario. Below is a list of all the Wing-level awards our members from Group 7 received yesterday at the conference.

o Maj Michael Hoover, Squadron 68 - Character Development Instructor of the Year

o Chaplain (Lt Col) Charles Ingram, Squadron 56 - Chaplain of the Year

o Capt Audrey DiGiantomasso, Squadron 47 - Public Affairs Officer of the Year

o “Squadron 144 News”, Squadron 144 - Newsletter of the Year

o Capt Tim Baskin, Squadron 68 - Safety Officer of the Year

o 1st Lt Dennis Bartlett, Squadron 57 - Communications Officer of the Year

o Major Jim Redmon, Squadron 87 - Pilot of the Year

o Major Mark Wong, Squadron 153 - Cadet Programs Officer of the Year

o C/2^nd Lt Wesley Chiu, Squadron 68 - Cadet NCO of the Year

o C/Col Michael Chung, Squadron 47 - Cadet Officer of the Year

o Fallbrook Senior Squadron 87 - Senior Squadron of the Year

o Saddleback Composite Squadron 68 - Composite Squadron of the Year

o LtColWillard Gordon, Squadron 87 - Senior Member of the Year, Lifetime Achievement

I want to make sure everyone understands this is a list of the WINNERS of California Wing awards for this year – THIRTEEN in total from Group 7! I honestly could not believe how many of our members won considering the stiff competition from the rest of the Wing this year. This list continues to prove that Group 7 has the most professional, hard working, dedicated CAP members in California Wing. Again, congratulations to all!!


David Boehm, LtCol, CAP
Group 7
Let me add my warm congratulations to CAPT Crhis George and the and our brethren and sistren fown at Squadron 68 for their achievements.

Look forward to seeing you all on Thursday!

W. H. Phinizy, MAJ, CAP
Squadron Commander
Squadron 150