Tuesday, October 09, 2012

National HQ: ACUT Fully phased over to ICUT

Per the California Wing Director of Communications and National Headquarters removed A-CUT entry from Operations Qualifications effective 1 October. Members who had not updated their existing A-CUT information before that date will no longer be able to do so. As such any member who does not currently have an A-CUT rating in Op’s Qual’s must complete the entire ICUT process (including skills sign off) in order to:
  • Operate a CAP radio
  • Apply for a CAP radio station license
  • Meet any communications requirements for ES ratings
While the change in Ops Qual may have come sooner than expected, there is no recourse other than completing the ICUT curriculum. It should not take a member with current communications skills long to complete ICUT.

Please refer to previous messages to the ALL list and the current 100-1 for information on the ICUT process.

Questions can be addressed to: dc@cawg.cap.gov

John Frerichs, CAPT, CAP
Director of Communications
Squadron 150