Monday, October 08, 2012

Squadron Meeting, 11 October 2012

Fellow Squadron Members:

We will meet this Thursday and discuss our progress to date as well as where we are going in the upcoming FY.

As you will recall, we enunciated the following goals:

  •  Conduct one Group 7 or California Wing-oriented project per quarter.
  •  Complete and improve Group 7 communications facility
  •  Improve and enhance Group 7 computer systems
  •  Providing timely air crew and mission base training for members
  •  Put in place an effective education/mentoring program that address members’ needs

While we have not accomplished all of these goals as yet, they were originally scheduled as CALENDAR YEAR GOALS and I want to take us to a FISACAL YEAR schedule so we can get a head start on Group's request for our goals. And, yes, it's a neat accounting trick to give us more time. But I view our progress as a continuum and periodic re-evaluation will allow us to adjust our course and allow us make the objectives we originally set down more relevant with the passage of time.

I am a weasel, am I not?

Anyway, I would appreciate your reading our original goals document, burnishing those not already accomplished, and/or developing some ideas new ideals. I have discussed the new ideas with some members and, based on this, tt will be an interesting and informative evening.

A note of good news: Our Safety Officer, CAPT Dan Hoppy, has well mended and promises (threatens?) to re-appear. So then there's that!

I have been advised by CAPT Jim Stallings, G7 ES guy, that the Saturday Night Fever SAREX being held at the Jackie Cochran Airport has had another 206 added to the fleet. Jim advises that you should jump on that like white on rice and Hoover up some right seat time.

Also -- ALSO! -- CAPT Stallings is going to present a session on the new CAPStar web-based mission software this Saturday morning from 0900 to 1200 PDT. It will be at the clubhouse (G7 HQ) and will be free to all who wish. That means no approval, no CAPF 17s. Just show and go!

SUPER HOT TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES UPDATE: CAPT Stallings has added the following concerning the CAPStar Soiree at the G7 clubhouse:


The CAPStar training will be held at Gp 7 HQ, 3976 Constitution Ave, Los Alamitos JFTB this weekend, Oct 13th starting at 9am. If you have a laptop with wireless capability, please bring it with you. We expect the session to take less than two hours. We have about 10 members that have signed up and we can handle another 10 fairly easily. Who should come? People on the Operations and Communications track will benefit the most.
We will cover:
  • Mission
  • Member checkin/checkout
  • Review of status screen - indications, colors, selecting display modes, filtering data
  • Review of communications updates
  • Practice time for everyone
  • Review, Q&A
  • ..and get the heck out of there
*stayin' alive..stayin' alive..stayin' alive*

See you Thursday -- and Saturday!

W. H. Phinizy, MAJ, CAP
Squadron Commander
Squadron 150