Monday, January 02, 2017

Squadron 150 Participated in Search and Rescue Training Exercise

Civil Air Patrol aircrews inspect a Cessna 206
(Photo Credit: SM Tamara Clark)
Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Airmen of Squadron 150 participated in a South Coast Group 7 Search and Rescue Training Exercise (SAREX) during the weekend of 10-11 December, 2016. Mission base for the SAREX was Squadron 40 Headquarters located at Fullerton Airport (KFUL) and members from Squadron 40 were the lead coordinators and facilitators for this Group 7 exercise.

Approximately 60 CAP Airmen participated in the SAREX, which included four CAP aircraft, and 16 sorties flown over the two day exercise. Even though weather conditions were not always ideal, CAP airmen were able to successfully (and safely) carry out their training missions. 

Members of Squadron 150 completed Emergency Services qualification requirements, maintained operational proficiency and gained valuable training in the event of an actual emergency. All in all it was a very successful weekend for CAP, South Coast Group 7 and Squadron 150!