Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Search and Rescue Training Exercise (SAREX) This Weekend!

Airmen of Squadron 150, along with Civil Air Patrol (CAP) members from other squadrons in Southern California, will be participating in a regional search and rescue training exercise (SAREX) this weekend 28-29 January, 2017. Mission base for this SAREX is at Riverside Municipal Airport (KRAL) located in the city of Riverside. KRAL is also the HQ for CAP Riverside Senior Squadron 5.

CAP aircrew members at a SAREX in June, 2016
SAREXs are used to achieve several key objectives:

  • Provide Emergency Services (ES) trainees the opportunity to participate in official training missions to qualify in an ES specialty (e.g. aircrew, mission base staff, ground team, urban directional finding team etc.)
  • Provide opportunities for currently qualified ES personnel to gain additional training and/or maintain the level of proficiency necessary to perform their duties during an actual mission. 
Approximately 50 CAP members are currently expected to participate in this training exercise.