Thursday, June 09, 2016

Squadron 150 Planning Group 7 Search and Rescue Training Exercise (SAREX)

UPDATE: Registration for the SAREX is now complete and all positions have been filled. 

Continuing our role as one of the leading squadrons in California Wing (yes, we're a little biased), Squadron 150 is currently in the process of planning a Search and Rescue Training Exercise (SAREX) for South Coast Group 7* members on 18 June-19 June, 2016 to be held at KFUL, Fullerton Airport at the Squadron 40 HQ.

Civil Air Patrol aircraft on the flightline prior to a recent SAREX
(Photo Credit: 2d Lt. Rommel Anacan)
Capt. Bodo Rau, Squadron 150's Director of Operations, is the lead Project Officer for this SAREX and has been working with his team to ensure this training exercise's success. Capt. Rau said, "This exercise shall provide training opportunities to mint new aircrews and base personnel (and) also to provide recurring and proficiency training for current aircrew members."

The SAREX will consist of qualification and proficiency training for aircrew and ground-based personnel, through a simulated search and rescue mission under real world conditions. The current plan is for air sorties to be flown on both Saturday and Sunday, providing CAP Airmen with valuable training opportunities.

Base personnel will maintain communications with all aircraft and obtain status reports from all air crews, as well as conduct all necessary activities related to a search and rescue mission.

Dates: 18 June-19 June, 2016
Location:  KFUL-Fullerton Airport AFI Hangar 2-Squadron 40 Headquarters
Time: Report at 0730 both days
Who: Aircrew members (Mission Pilot, Mission Observers (including trainees) and Mission Scanners (including trainees)) and Base Staff Members (Mission Radio Operators, Mission Support Officers (and trainees), Mission Staff Assistants (and trainees),  Air Operations Branch Director (and trainees), Operations Section Chiefs (and trainees.)
For more information: Contact Capt. Bodo Rau at

*At this time participation priority is given to Group 7 members, however interested members from other groups are invited to contact Capt. Rau for more information.