Tuesday, June 28, 2016

CAP-USAF Realigns to Air Combat Command's 1st Air Force

In a ceremony held on 24 June 2016 CAP-USAF completed a three year transition from the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) to Air Combat Command (ACC), where CAP-USAF is now a component of 1st Air Force.

A Transfer of Authority ceremony held to recognize the realignment of the Civil Air Patrol-U.S. Air Force – or CAP-USAF – from Air Education and Training Command to Air Combat Command began with the arrival of a CAP C-182 Cessna carrying CAP’s National Commander CAP Maj. Gen. Joe Vazquez and the CAP-USAF commander, Col. Mike Tynismaa. The aircraft landed and approached Tyndall Air Force Base’s base operations, rolling through a ceremonial greeting of fire trucks pumping arching water sprays high over the aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photo by SrA Solomon Cook)

"Civil Air Patrol is an important aerospace education organization, but it's also a vital part of the operational Total Force," said Lt. Gen. William Etter, commander of Continental U.S. NORAD Region-1st Air Force (Air Forces Northern).  "Volunteer Civil Air Patrol pilots and aircraft, operating in an Air Force Auxiliary capacity, already fly thousands of sorties every year in support of civil authorities and Homeland Defense, so I'm pleased to officially welcome them to the First Air Force and Air Forces Northern team today."

CAP-USAF offers the following to CAP:
  • Offers guidance and support to CAP organizations for homeland security and humanitarian missions for communities, states, and the nation.

  • Provides assistance and oversight on search and rescue, disaster relief, and other emergencies and contingencies nationwide.

  • Helps develop the country's youth through training, education, and professionalism.

  • Educates citizens on the importance of air and space power.

  • Personnel serve as the primary functional interface between other federal agencies and the CAP.

  • Serves as the Air Force program office for the Cooperative Agreement and Statement of Work. The CAP-USAF/CC is the program manager.

  • Serves as the only active-duty flying unit at Maxwell AFB and the only operational unit in Air University.

  • Manages the CAP Reserve Assistance Program (CAPRAP) - the largest Air Force Reserve program in Air University.
CAP National Commander Brig. Gen. Joe Vasquez said, “This is a monumental day for 1st Air Force and CAP-USAF, and CAP is proud to be a part of this amazing team. This realignment presents tremendous opportunities for synergy and improved mission effectiveness for all three of our organizations.”

For more information on the realignment of CAP-USAF to 1st Air Force click on the FAQ page.
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