Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Squadron Meeting: 2 May 2013 - Mission Planning..

“The job isn't done until the paperwork is complete.”

The monthly safety briefing will focus on several issues essential to aircrew.

Not only that, in CAP the job can’t even start until some paperwork is done, with more to be done during the job, and the final wrap-up to be tied with a neat bow (or at least slipped into the “Completed” folder. It might seem tedious, but is essential to getting in the air, to document flight planning and a complete briefing before departure. Of course after the mission, there is more to be done to document the mission results and review what was accomplished in the debriefing. Filling out forms is not an end in itself, but provides the data used in planning the next operating cycle, to effectively and efficiently use resources. As getting in the air or on the road is the purpose of air and ground crews, a little practice with a few forms lets the teams get to the point of it all quickly and easily.

Bring your stuff, including a gridded LA sectional. CAPF 104 and 104a will be provided.

David Martin, 1stLt, CAP
Sq 150 Training Officer