Saturday, April 27, 2013

Space Station Pass Visible from So Cal Tonight

Ground track

Click on the chart to zoom in on that part of the sky

Posted on FB by Aldo Spadoni, noted space artist and aerospace visualization pioneer
For those of you in Southern California, there will be a spectacular overhead pass of the International Space Station tonight. It will pass almost directly overhead and be very bright. For you fellow geeks, it will appear at 8:05:55 PM PDT in the northwest at an altitude if about 10 degrees. The highest point will be at 8:09:12 PM at an elevation of 87 degrees southwest. It will fade from view at 8:12:27 PM at an elevation of 10 degrees in the southeast. Maximum brightness will be magnitude -3.3. These numbers are for my specific location on the southern edge of the Los Angeles Basin, but they should be reasonably close anywhere in LA. Hey, just look up at around 8:09 PM!
David Martin, 1st Lt, CAP
Training Officer
Squadron 150