Monday, March 11, 2013

14 MAR 2013 Meeting: New Aircrew/Base Staff Training

SpaceX Grasshopper test flight (Click here to see video with sound)
For the remaining squadron meetings March (and on into April as required), we will have a series of programs that are fun and enjoyable for the entire family. O.K., maybe it will only be fun and enjoyable for those that are starting on the ES ratings of MS and MSA, those who hold those rating and those who simply want to find out what the excitement is all about.

The focus will be on what to do after Level I completion: GES, MS and/or MSA prerequisites, providing trainees with a 101 card and SQTR, along with other items needed to fully participate as a trainee at the next SAREX opportunity.

Items to be covered during a brief presentation are:
Ø      Completing GES
Ø      Printing a 101 card and SQTR
Ø      Uniform requirements
Ø      FEMA IS-100 and IS-700
Ø      Prereqs and Fam & Prep for MS and MSA

Remaining time will be spent one on one or one on few coaching and training trainees by those who already have the ratings. While only meeting the requirements of CAWG SUPP CAPR 60-3 may sign off SQTR tasks, anyone who knows how to do a task can teach that task to others, which also reinforces the trainer’s knowledge of the material.

All are requested to bring your “stuff”, including (when owned) having a function-appropriate uniform on hand, if not worn.

David Martin, 1st Lt, CAP
Sq 150 Training Officer