Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Squadron Meeting: 21 Mar 2013 - GES and beyond

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Continuing the effort to assure that all of the newest members are ready to take advantage of the next AFAM training that should arise, this Thursday will be a parallel track effort.

Track 1 will be a GES cram course presentation for those who have completed Level 1, soon will and prospective members.

Track 2 will be for those that have completed GES or beyond. For aspiring MS, MSA and UDF trainees it will be a one-on-one or one on few tutoring session to work through prereq and fam & prep tasks. Tutoring will be provided by members that are MS, MSA and UDF and above. Those who are also SET qualified and have the required time in function can also sign off on SQTR tasks. Remember that one of CAP's ES missions is search. There is a list of ratings and personnel posted by the door. This should be sufficient to locate a suitable, willing trainer/supervisor.

All member trainees are to print their desired SQTR from the eEservices page, under My Ops Quals, entry/View Worksheets. This will populate the SQTR with personal info and any tasks and certificates which have been validated and approved in eservices. All are requested to bring "your stuff", which may also include copies of reference texts and training guides. (Some hard-copy may be available).

David Martin, 1st Lt, CAP
Sq 150 Training Officer