Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Squadron Meeting, 28 FEB 2013 - The Evil SUI

This week we will visit upon the mysteries of a phenomenon in CAP: the Subordinate Unit Inspection -- or SUI -- which is given every three years to determine a unit's fitness to carry out it's mission. SQ 150 has comported itself well in the past and I wish not to break with tradition now. In order to do so, we will begin preparing for this starting on 1 MAR 2013 because, if we all attend to your staff duties with this SUI in mind, it will enhance the performance of the staff and the unit.

CAPT John Hill has been an inspector on behalf of the Wing IG and will brief us on how an inspection goes and what you might expect. As I recall, it is somewhat less excruciating than an IRS audit or a root canal -- unless you are unprepared.

About the time most of you are swooning from boredom -- I contemplate only 30 minutes of this -- we will break off and either do grid mapping or attend to any administrative duties we need to complete. So be sure to bring your sectionals, pens, and rulers to continue to work on your masterpieces. (Just because our Training Officer will not be in attendance is NOT and excuse for you to not to be prepared.) CAPT Hill will supervise this effort.

On 7 MAR 2013, the squadron will go dark and we will be visiting  Saddleback Valley Composite Squadron 68 for "mission workflow"  presentation by CAPT Tolga Tarhan of California. Wing.

Directions to Squadron 68 are here and more details on this presentation as the date approaches. So check back here.

Again with the donated computers.. 
Plenty are still available; please contact me or SM Sam Preston, or CAPT Bodo Rau for information. They will be gone by 31 MAR 2013, so don't delay. You snooze, you lose!

W. H. Phinizy, MAJ, CAP
Squadron Commander
Squadron 150