Monday, February 18, 2013

Squadron Meeting, 21 FEB 2013

This Thursday we will conduct our monthly Safety Meeting and that will be in conjunction with the annual CAP requirement for what they used to call the Safety Down Day. It will comprise two separate briefings by CAPT Dan Hoppy -- one on the culture of safety in Civil Air Patrol and the other on the Operation Risk Management (ORM) assessment process. Please plan to attend -- especially if your safety currency will be timing out.

There will be a short re-cap of the recent KFUL SAREX at the meeting if time permits. If not, we weill carry this over to the 28 FEB 2013 meeting.
Be advised that California Wing has approved the sale of the donated computers to benefit the squadron. The terms and conditions of sale and physical nature of these computers are as follows:

(1) They are the Lenovo desktop computers currently stored in the comm room.

(2) They are all recent-model pentium processors and most have 80 gigabyte hard drives (approx.) in them. They have read/write CDs and are, for the most part, in working order. Most have at least 2 gigabyte of ram on board.

(3) They are only the computer box and DO NOT include a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. You will have to supply those to make the computer complete. Also, they are sans an operating system so you will need to provide your own copy of Windows or Linux. However, each contains a ticket indicating that it has a license for Windows XP. If you make nice with the IT officer, he can see about legitimately "ghosting" that OS onto your computer.

(4) There are approximately 30-35 that now work and approximately four more we hope to revive and get into working condition.

(5) They will be sold for $25-50 depending on processor, configuration, and condition. Per CAWG, they are being sold "as is, no warranty expressed or implied". However, our IT officer will check out the machines before sales and ensure that you will not pay the price unless the machine is working. BUT ONCE A WORKING COMPUTER GOES OUT THE DOOR IN YOUR POSSESSION, THAT'S IT. It will be up to you to keep the beast going.

(6) Those that cannot be revived will be sold for scrap parts for $5-20 depending on what's on board. So if you would like to buy a couple and piece one together from the parts, be our guest. But again, the terms are "as is".

(7) Some members already have computers in their possession and have expressed a desire to buy them and, as such, will have the right to purchase those computers.

(8) They may be sold to non-CAP members but we would ask you to be the intermediary for transactional for tracking purposes.

In charge of this sales process will be our Logistics Officer, Sam Preston, and our IT officer, Lance Boland. (They will turn the funds over to our Finance Officer, Bodo Rau.) When we have this first round of purchasers compiled, we will sell the actual computers at meetings and/or Saturday sessions. Terms are cash on the barrel head and there will be NO reservations of the computers in the comm room. First one with the loot gets the computer of his or her choice.

We have been invited to attend a SAREX workflow seminar given by CAPT Tolga Tarhan over at Squadron 68 in Costa Mesa. on 7 MAR 2013 at 1900L. I will provide more info at Thursday's meeting and would like to get an indication as to what the non-seminar-attending folks would like to do. Since we are holding this month's Safety Meeting late, we can slip March's meeting until the fourteenth with little adverse affect. If there are enough attendees at the Squadron 68 soiree, we might reserve the seventh for an administrative meeting only.

Thanks and see you Thursday,

W. H. Phinizy, MAJ, CAP
Squadron Commander
Squadron 150