Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Communications Training to be Held at Squadron 150 HQ this Thursday

Squadron 150 is pleased to be hosting this month's Joint South Coast Group 7 Emergency Services training during our next meeting on 17 May, 2018.

(Official Civil Air Patrol photo)
The subject will be CAP communications and it will include the following:

  o An overview of communications in CAP and the California Wing.
  o Review of the requirements for ICUT, MRO, and CUL.
  o ICUT certification for those needing it.
  o MRO SQTR tasks will be reviewed and signed off if passed. 
This session will be in preparation for a more comprehensive Group 7 joint training exercise in July. All who have a driving interest in becoming a CAP communicator are welcome to attend -- especially cadets. 
If you possess a CAP VHF radio and need some background or assistance with its operation, you are welcome to bring it along. Please note that this does not include the ISRs (intersquad radios). Additionally, please be sure to bring all necessary SQTR paperwork AND BE PREPARED TO DISCUSS AND DEMONSTRATE THE TASKS YOU WISH TO HAVE SIGNED OFF.

Our instructor will be Lt Col. William Phinizy, Group 7 Deputy Commander (and former Squadron 150 Commander) and Maj John Frerichs. Lieutenant Colonel Phinizy and Major Frerichs are communications experts and we know this training will be very beneficial to all who attend.