Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Join us this week for the first meeting of 2018!

Happy New Year, everyone! Squadron 150 will resume our regular meeting schedule this week with our monthly Safety Briefing on 4 January, 2018 beginning at 1930 (7:30pm). The topic is Aircraft Ground Handling and Safety. For new and prospective aircrew members this will be great information-and for experienced pilots and aircrew members, it will serve as a good refresher course.

Photo Courtesy: Capt. Gary Mathieson

Members needing Aircraft Ground Handling and Safety currency: You will have an opportunity to watch the CAP video on the topic and then take the online test. Members working towards Mission Scanner qualifications please review Task O-2015 Demonstrate Ground Operations and Safety in the Aircrew and Flightline Task Guide prior to the meeting. You'll be given an opportunity to review the content with a Skills Evaluator and get that "signed off" on your Mission Scanner specialty qualification training record.

With Search and Rescue Training Exercises beginning in full force, we want to help members interested in Emergency Services roles get qualified as soon as possible!