Wednesday, October 11, 2017

2017 Huntington Beach Airshow was a success!!

The 2017 Huntington Beach Airshow was an unqualified success and members of Squadron 150 (and from our South Coast Group 7 squadrons along with other squadrons from California Wing) played a key role in helping make the show a success!

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) members helped with airshow operations by assisting the aircrews at both Los Alamitos JFTB and at John Wayne Airport, manning the parachutist drop zone area along the beach, helping with the volunteer and VIP parking lots, escorting the parachutists from the drop zone and other tasks.

CAP senior members and cadets also manned two booths, one located on the beach near show center and one located on the main festival area telling visitors about CAP, what we do and why we matter. We had approximately 150 people (from all over the area) express an interest in CAP and we're excited to see them at an upcoming meetings in squadrons in their area.

Did we mention that we also had some of the best "seats" in the house for the airshow? We are already looking forward to the 2018 show!

CAP Booth at Festival Area (Photo: 2d Lt. Rommel Anacan)

CAP Glider from Squadron 41 at show center (Photo: 2d Lt. Rommel Anacan)

CAP booth at show center (Photo: 2d Lt. Rommel Anacan)

A selfie moment with 2d Lt. Rommel Anacan (L) and SM Erika Soto (R)
 (Photo: 2d Lt. Rommel Anacan)