Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Congratulations, Captain Mathieson!

Long Beach Senior Squadron 150 is pleased to announce the promotion of SM Gary N. Mathieson to the grade of Captain in Civil Air Patrol (CAP). Mathieson became a member of CAP in 2016 to, "Continue my service to the nation; to be with other committed professionals and to continue wearing an Air Force Uniform." 

Capt. Gary Mathieson (C) receiving his new grade insignia from Squadron 150 Commander Capt, David Powell (R) and Deputy Commander 2d Lt. Rommel Anacan (L)

In addition to his service in CAP Mathieson is currently a Staff Sergeant in the USAF Reserves, where he has served for 12 years. During his tenure in the USAFR Mathieson has served for three years as a C-141 Loadmaster, six years as a C-17 Loadmaster and four years in Combat Camera. Prior to his service in the USAFR, Mathieson was a Seabee for eight years in the US Navy Reserves. 

In his civilian life Mathieson has been a teacher for 23 years-having taught both physical education and special education during his career. Mathieson holds a Masters Degree in Special Education, which combined with his squadron role as an Aerospace Education Officer, qualified him for a advanced promotion from Senior Member to Captain. 

Mathieson also serves as Squadron 150's historian and is currently in training as an aircrew Mission Scanner. 

Congratulations Captain Mathieson!