Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SAVE the DATE! Aircraft Instrument Familiarization Training 09 March, 2017

SAVE THE DATE!! Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Squadron 150 will be conducting aircraft instrument familiarization training for members (and guests) during our weekly meeting on 09 March, 2017. Aircraft familiarization is important not just for pilots but for all aircrew members including Mission Observers, Mission Scanners, Airborne Photographers etc.

Instrument panel of CAP Cessna 206
(Photo by: 2d Lt. Rommel Anacan and courtesy of Capt. Gary Mathieson)
2d Lt. Steven Schock will be leading the discussion on this very important topic. For all Mission Scanner trainees this training will cover the essentials of Task P-2017, which can be found in the Aircrew and Flightline Task Guide.

If you are a pilot, this will be a great review. If you desire to be a pilot, this will be a great foundational training. If you are an aircrew member, you'll find this knowledge helpful, and if you're none of the above, you'll find all of this fascinating!