Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Symbols of Civil Air Patrol-Part Three | Command Emblem

This is the Civil Air Patrol "Command Emblem." 

As you can see the CAP Command Emblem is similar in appearance to the Major Command emblems used by the US Air Force. In the photo below you can see CAP-USAF Commander Col. Michael Tyynismaa (in the middle) wearing the command patch of the Air Education and Training Command (of which CAP-USAF was a part of until recently (it has now transitioned over to the 1st Air Force under Air Combat Command) on his flight suit. 

CAP National Commander Maj Gen. Joe Vasquez (L), CAP-USAF Commander Col. Michael Tyynismaa (M) and Gen. Herbert Carlisle, USAF (R)

The CAP Command Emblem is used on: 

(1) Corporate aircraft (as prescribed by CAPR 66-1 and any other directive as issued). 
(2) The doors of corporate–owned vehicles (as prescribed by CAPR 77-1). 
(3) The doors of member–owned vehicles (as prescribed by CAPR 77-1) used for CAP business upon written approval of the wing or region commander as appropriate. Such approval will be granted only where its use would reflect favorably upon CAP. 
(4) CAP-owned equipment (base station radios, handheld radios, DF equipment, etc.) as prescribed by CAPR 174-1 and any other directive as issued. 
(5) Membership cards issued 

CAP Cessna 182 with Command Emblem
Just as in the Air Force, the Command Emblem is also used on CAP Flight Duty Uniforms. In the picture below you can see Capt. Bodo Rau (L) and squadron commander Capt. David Powell (R) wearing the CAP Command Emblem on their flight uniforms. 

The previous version of the Command Emblem is shown below, and has been phased out of use for several years now. 

Before the adoption of the Command Emblem CAP members wore the following patch on their flight duty uniforms:

And the (now retired) CAP Emblem (below) was found on vehicles and CAP equipment. While no longer in use, CAP still controls the rights to the use of the emblem and you may still see it on "heritage" uniform, apparel, and accessories. 

For more information on CAP Symbols please review the latest version of CAPR 900-2