Sunday, July 31, 2016

Announcing Squadron 150's New Deputy Commander

Civil Air Patrol Long Beach Senior Squadron 150 Commander Capt. David Powell, CAP appointed 2nd Lt. Rommel Anacan, CAP to the position of Squadron Deputy Commander on 26 July, 2016.

Capt. Powell said, "I am pleased to announce that 2nd Lt. Anacan is our new Deputy Commander effective immediately.  He has a business and consulting background that is uniquely fitted to develop our organization and help move us to the next level. His continued effort and support in helping Squadron 150 grow has been priceless, and he will be a great asset in the leadership of our squadron."

2nd Lt. Rommel Anacan, CAP
2nd Lt. Anacan said, "I want to thank Capt. Powell for the confidence he has placed in me in appointing me to the position of Deputy Commander. I look forward to assisting him in leading this great squadron and in working with all of our members and partners in carrying out the missions of Civil Air Patrol."

2nd Lt. Anacan joined Civil Air Patrol in September 2015 out of a desire to serve the community and also because of his lifelong interest in aviation. He currently serves as the squadron's Public Affairs Officer (where he holds a Technician rating), is a qualified aircrew Mission Scanner and is also currently training to be an Airborne Photographer and Urban Direction Finder.

When he is not serving in Civil Air Patrol 2nd Lt. Anacan is the president of an organizational development, motivational speaking and corporate training firm based in Orange County, California.