Tuesday, May 24, 2016

USAF Approves CAP's Transition to Airman Battle Uniforms (ABUs)

(Shared from CAP NHQ)

The U.S. Air Force has approved Civil Air Patrol’s request to transition to the airman battle uniform (ABU), Maj. Gen Joe Vazquez, CAP national commander, has announced.

The ABU for Officers
Courtesy: CAP NHQ
“As the official auxiliary of the Air Force CAP has a long history of wearing a USAF-style uniform, and our transition to the ABU once again brings us in line with our parent service,” Vazquez said. 

The phase-in period for wear of the ABU will begin June 15. Vanguard, CAP’s supplier, will begin accepting orders on that date.

Meanwhile, as a result of negotiations with the Army & Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES), CAP has also been approved to receive a significant number of excess ABUS. That will allow many members to receive the basic ABU shirt and pants at no cost. National Headquarters is working with AAFES to take possession of the uniforms, and each wing is establishing a distribution plan.

The battle dress uniform (BDU) may continue to be worn until the mandatory phase-out date – June 15, 2021.