Tuesday, April 05, 2016

What Do You Wear in Civil Air Patrol?

If you're reading this and are considering membership in Civil Air Patrol, you may be wondering about what exactly you're supposed to wear while participating in CAP activities. 

The official CAP website (www.GoCivilAirPatrol.com) has this to say about uniforms:

Senior members may be required to wear a uniform during some activities - such as when flying in CAP aircraft. Senior members may wear the USAF style blue uniform or one of the distinctive CAP uniforms.  However, some members choose to serve quietly without wearing a uniform.  You can purchase uniform items from Vanguard. www.civilairpatrolstore.com.
Air Force Style Dress Uniforms
As the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, CAP members have the privilege of wearing Air Force-style uniforms, provided certain requirements are met. 
In the picture below Capt. Jerry Civalleri (left) is wearing the short-sleeved blues uniform. While Capt. Civalleri is wearing a tie in this picture, the short sleeved uniform can be worn with or without a tie. This uniform is most often worn at squadron meetings and at other CAP events where a professional appearance is desired. 
Lt. Col. Robert Calderone (right), South Coast Group 7 Commander, is wearing the Air Force-style Service Dress Uniform. The Service Dress Uniform is generally worn for occasions (in the instance below Lt. Col. Calderone is wearing this for a Change of Command ceremony) that may require a more formal appearance. 
Capt. Jerry Civalleri (L) and Group 7 Commander Lt. Col. Robert Calderone (R)

CAP Corporate Uniform

In addition to Air Force-style uniforms, CAP members can choose to wear CAP Corporate uniforms. In the picture below, the three members on the left are wearing the CAP Aviator Shirt uniform, which is an alternative to the Air Force-style Blues Uniform. The benefit of CAP Corporate uniforms are that wearers do not need to meet USAF grooming and height and weight standards, and the uniforms pieces are often more cost effective to procure. 

CAP Distinctive Uniforms are worn by the three officers on the left
In future blog posts we'll discuss CAP's Utility, Working and Flight Duty Uniforms. Remember, CAP offers members a variety of uniform options, and even the choice to not wear uniforms (depending on the activity.) 
For more information on Civil Air Patrol uniforms, refer to CAPM 39-1-the guide to CAP uniforms. (It's great reading!)