Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Congratulations 1st Lt. Michael Wetsman!

by SM Rommel Anacan, Public Affairs Officer

Our squadron is honored to announce the promotion of Michael Wetsman to the grade of 1st Lieutenant. A commercial pilot for over 20 years, 1st Lt. Wetsman joined Civil Air Patrol in 2013 and has made a positive impact on the unit, in Group 7 and in CAP. 

He is currently a CAP Transport Mission Pilot, Cadet Orientation Pilot and he serves as Squadron 150’s Safety Education Officer-and in several other (uncredited) roles as well!

Capt. Lloyd Bumanglag (L) congratulates 1st Lt. Michael Wetsman on his promotion
(Photo Credit: SM Rommel Anacan)
1st Lt. Wetsman was recently awarded a “Commander’s Commendation Award” by South Coast Group 7 for “Outstanding Duty Performance” as Squadron 150’s Safety Education Officer, and he was named the South Group 7 “Safety Education Officer of the Year.”

Much of what we do as a unit would not be possible without his time, energy and efforts; and we are very fortunate that he is a part our squadron. 

"Congratulations! Your promotion to 1st Lieutenant is very much deserved. 

View the press release for 1st Lt. Wetsman's promotion.