Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Squadron Meeting: 11 July 2013 - Safety and Surviving MREs

"..white cliffs of Dover?"

We are constantly preached at to prepare ourselves for impending doom and a lot of this persiflage sinks in without thought or analysis. Too often, we engage in the knee-jerk reaction of cutting a check for anywhere from $350 up to many thousands of dollars and lay in a supply "survival fare".

The comforting feeling of having an immense, nondescript brown cardboard box (or two or even three) sitting in the corner of your garage waiting for the Russkies (or towel heads) to drop the big one surely is calming. But it is, like so much in our life, illusory.

Come to the meeting this Thursday and find out among other things (1) what the acronym "MRE" really means and (2) why MREs have more to do with the phrase "drop the big one" than you dared to imagine.

Presented by your imperious commander.

"..white cliffs of Dover?"

It's a safety meeting so attendance, of course, will get you off the schneid for another 60 days.

W. H. Phinizy, MAJ, CAP
Squadron Commander