Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Operation Constant Watch 2012

Attention all Communicators

This message details the California Wing response to Operation Constant Watch 2012. All interested communicators are encouraged to participate. All corporate issued HF stations, fixed, mobile, portable, conventional and ALE should participate in this exercise. This message details the HF procedures for the exercise including conventional HF operations.

HF net control stations will pass the exercise traffic on VHF as well. VHF stations will be asked to send their exercise response to an HF station to be delivered to 0163CACAP. Add the initials VHF to the first line of your response to indicate you are a VHF only station. If you are not able to pass your response to an HF station, please email it to:

If you do not know how to log your station into WIMRS on a ground sortie, please send your mission sign in information to:

The exercise operation plan has been uploaded to the files section of the CAWDC Yahoo group. You can request access to the Yahoo group by sending an email message to: Include your CAP ID in the message. Messages without a valid CAPID will not be allowed access to the Yahoo group.
Please make sure that all available corporate HF stations participate in this exercise. Stations do not have to operate for the entire 24 hour period to participate in this exercise.

Exercise Name: Constant Watch 2012
Mission Number: 13C3275
Mission Operational Period: 08 Dec 2012 1700Z (0900 Pacific) to 09 Dec 2012 1700Z (0900 Pacific)
Mission Sign in: All stations have been asked to enter a Ground Sortie in WIMRS with the CAP ID of all members present at that station.
Region Message Station: 0163CACAP (Hanford Ca.)

Beginning at 0900 local 0163CACAP and 004PCRCAP will transmit the exercise message to the identified Wing message stations. Wing message stations will in turn transmit the exercise message to their respective participating Wing stations. The exercise traffic will be transmitted via Voice or Text dependent upon the status of the receiving station when a successful connection is made (station is attended = voice, unattended = text). The CAWG station located in Eureka will attempt to deliver the exercise message to Alaska Wing. Oregon and Washington Wing stations with previous successful connections will attempt to send the message to Hawaii Wing.

Upon receipt of the exercise message participating stations will compose a response. The response will be sent to 0163CACAP during the response window assigned to the station's Wing shown in a later paragraph of this document. If 0163CACAP is attended the response will be sent via voice. If 0163CACAP is unattended the message will be sent via text. 0163CACAP will produce a summary of all responses that will be forwarded to the exercise staff at the completion of the exercise. If a station cannot connect to 0163CACAP they should attempt to relay the message via other ALE stations. If this is not successful the station can relay the message via conventional HF during the net windows detailed in a later paragraph.

Exercise Message

Exercise Exercise Exercise
Respond 0163CACAP with the following:
A = Station Lat/Long in Degrees Minutes Seconds
B = CAP ID of all present at station
C = Antenna used at station

Text format to be sent to unattended stations:

Wing ALE Response Windows
Oregon: 1200 Local
Washington: 1300 Local
Alaska: 1400 Local
Hawaii: 1500 Local
California: 1600 Local
Nevada: 1700 Local

Conventional HF Operations

California Wing will conduct a directed net for the Region to allow conventional HF stations to participate in the exercise. The exercise message and response will be transmitted and received by participating stations during the conventional HF net windows. Each net will be done first on frequency PCD and then on Frequency PCC to maximize participation under prevailing propagation conditions.

The net window times are shown below:

0930 Local
1230 Local
1630 Local
1830 Local
2130 Local

Questions can be addressed to: